Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

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{1} If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?
I guess I'd play the piano. I took lessons for 12 years. I am not keeping up on it like I should. I can still play almost all of the hymns in the Hymn Book though!

{2} What's the most likely reason you might become famous?

I honestly don't know. I'd probably become famous or infamous for something I said or did. Most of my friends would probably say I'd be famous for being a Facebook addict. I've been called the Facebook Queen on a few occasions. I haven't decided if I should be honored or embarrassed that I'm on there that much! ;-)

{3} What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?

"How do you pronounce your name?"  Like I said in my May Vlog, I have a very unique spelling of my name. I work as a cashier and people see my name tag all the time. I usually have to pronounce it and discuss it's origin at least twice a day. My name is Swedish and I was named after my Great Great Grandmother.

{4} What's the last thing you broke?

I'm having a hard time remembering. Usually J is the one who breaks stuff! He forgets his own strength and usually breaks one garden shovel a year. ;-)  I think I broke a glass when I was doing dishes several weeks ago. Is spilling food on my shirt considered "breaking" it? Because I do a lot of that. :-/

{5} Finish this sentence. I can't believe I used to ________.

The first thing that popped to my mind would be that I can't believe I used to be such a huge fan of the New Kids On The Block. I even watched their Saturday Morning cartoon religiously! How sad it that?!

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1 comment:

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm jealous of piano players. I have no musical skills other than my lip syncing and seat dancing moves.

FB can be like the devil! I bet it's more addicting than crack but I'm not sure how addicting that is for sure since I've never had that particular addiction.

Umm...guess what? I'm STILL a fan of NKOTB and I'll be attending one of their summer concerts again this year! I attended 2 last year. I heart Joey. Will you still be my friend?