Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three For Thursday!

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Three things I accomplished this week
1.  I went to a meeting and got A LOT accomplished in planning Stake Girls Camp that is coming up.
2.  I made banana bread! I don't bake or cook much so that is definitely an accomplishment!
3.  I managed to make it to all of my shifts at work this week. I had two shifts last week and I missed both because of illness. YUCKY!

Three things I want to do this summer

1.  Get a tan. MOM, DON"T LAUGH! I don't tan much and it drives me crazy.
2.  Get through Girls Camp without any hitches.
3.  Get to the beach more than once. Not an ocean beach because I live in Idaho but there is a gorgeous, fun lake 2 hours from here. P loved it last year and begged to go back.

Three colors used at my wedding

1.  Periwinkle Blue
2.  Pale Yellow
3.  Those were the main colors that I had. I guess white because of my dress!

Three things I find repulsive

1.  Lady Gaga. Can. Not. Stand. That. Woman.  
2.  Tweens dressing like sluts AND the fact that their parents let them out the door!
3.  The fact that MTV is kind of glorifying teen pregnancy with shows like 16 and Pregnant & Teen Mom. They do show some of the difficulties and struggles. However, I can still see some girl thinking, "Hey, there is a way I can become famous or get attention!"  Ugh. 

Three things I like most about my body
1.  My tiny wimpy dainty wrists. They are seriously small but I like that they aren't abnormally huge!
2.  My hair color.
3.  My eyes. I think they are a pretty color.  (Can you tell I'm not really pleased with my body at the moment? I was having a hard time coming up with stuff!)

Three chores I make my husband do

1.  He is the toilet and bathtub scrubber. I can't stand it and get a gag reflex.
2.  I actually told him I would mow the lawn if he would do the dishes. That is how much I hate to do dishes!
3.  Most yard work goes to J. He likes that kind of stuff and I don't.

Three recipes

I've decided to add recipes that I would love to try and eat!
1.  White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
2.  Chicken Alfredo
3.  This is just something I want to do again.  Roast corn on the cob on hot coals/fire. YUM!

Three favorite flavors of ice cream

1.  Rocky Road
2.  Mint Chocolate Chip
3.  Cookies N Cream

Three animals I'd like to have (maybe not all at the same time)

1.  Miniature Schnauzer
2.  I'd like to get J a rabbit but I'm afraid it would turn into a hundred rabbits. He once dabbled in hamster breeding for our local pet store. We seriously had 7 fish tank cages FULL of hamsters. I DON'T want to do that again!
3.  A chinchilla. J wants one too!

Three pictures 

These are three of my favorite shows growing up!


Katy said...

Cha, cha, cha, chip and Dale, rescue rangers! I can sing all of those theme songs. Were you an Animaniacs girl, too?

And 7 cages of hamsters? I think I would have a heart attack!

Mandi said...

What fun to read everyone's 3 for 3! Nice blog.