Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday


Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesday Q&A hosted by:

Impulsive AddictJanetteMamarazzi and Seriously Shawn

{1} What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?
I never really received any pick up lines. One of the most annoying ones I've heard of was: "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel."  I think that one is pretty lame.

{2} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?
My favorite day would probably be Sunday. I rarely work, I get to go to church, and I get to spend time with family!
My least favorite day .... I don't know. I guess Saturday IF I have to work. Otherwise I like it just fine.

{3} How many hours of sleep do you require each night?
I prefer to get 8 or more but that doesn't happen very often. I usually end up with 6 or 7. I get pretty tired if I only get 6. Lately, I've been getting 6 because I am addicted to Prison Break on Netflix. (This is why my link up is so late! I can't stop watching!)

{4} Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it & what's the memory attached?
It would have to be the song, I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. It reminds me of first grade. My teacher loved this song. Each of our desks had name tags on them. She changed them every once in a while. For a time, we had little telephones. The hand piece was attached by a string. She'd play that song and sing. Whenever the chorus would come on, we'd pick up our "phones" and sing along. It was fun and it was one of my few memories of first grade!

{5} What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Probably watching reality shows. I love Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, America's Next Top Model, etc. Right now my guilty pleasure is watching Prison Break on Netflix. I'm seriously addicted and watch at least 2 episodes a night if I can. :-)


sarajo said...

In general, pick up lines are just lame.
Moms never get enough sleep!
I hated working the weekends. I just wanted to be with my family.
Netflix and Hulu are dangerous things!
And your first grade teacher sounds like an awesome teacher!

Nadine Hightower said...

Too cute about the stevie wonder song!