Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three For Thursday!

Three wedding day memories:
1.  After the sealing, we were outside the temple getting pictures taken. J and I were quite a distance away from the photographer and the hoard of family behind her. I whispered to him that we were finally married and I could grab his butt. So I did. He was so embarrassed but I don't think anyone even saw it!

2.  J and I had never french kissed before our wedding. (It was a rule that I set to keep our hormones in check.)  We drove home from the temple alone. We took a "detour" on the way to the luncheon and made out in a parking lot. :-)

3.  We had so many people attend our reception that we had a constant line for over an hour. I was so tired of standing but it was so great to see so many awesome people!!  (I am an only child and my parents only got to celebrate a wedding once so all of their friends made sure to attend. It was great!)

Three guy movies I actually like:
1.  It isn't a movie but I love to watch UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on Spike tv. I love that pretty much anything goes. Just don't hit below the belt (OUCH!) or grab on to the fence. That is pretty much the only rules I know of. Gotta love a good knockout!

2.  Some might consider The Lord of The Rings a "guy movies." I LURVE those movies! 

3.  I like to watch the Rocky movies with J. That and Rambo. He has me well-versed in man movies.

Three things that I will try to sneak into heaven:
1.  Chocolate.

2.  Netflix

3.  Nice, comfy couch.

Three 4th of July traditions:
1.  Going to the parade

2.  Watching neighbors light their fireworks. We get the thrill and don't have to pay for it! ;-)

3.  We usually attend some kind of a dinner or BBQ.

Three words that describe me:
1.  Social Butterfly  - I love to go to activities and talk to people. I do like my alone time too though.

2.  At work, I'm CHEERFUL. I may not always feel that way but I always try to hide it. I hate when I have grumpy or rude cashiers so I try my best to remain cheerful.

3.  Lazy.  There! I said it. Yes, I'm lazy and I'd rather sit on the couch that exercise or do chores.

Three favorite summer time desserts:
1.  I always liked the "jello salad" with raspberries mixed in. You know the one with a container of cottage cheese, a container of whipped cream, and a box of dry jello mix stirred together. Easy and good.

2.  Is cheesecake a summer time dessert? I'll eat cheesecake whenever I can get some! YUM! Add some raspberries and I'll die and go to heaven.

3.  My mom's chocolate cake. She makes the cake and frosting from scratch and it is YUMMY!

Three fictional characters I would like to meet in real life:
1.  Aragorn  - (See Guy Movies above)

2.  The mom from The Work and The Glory series. It would be so hard to live in pioneer times. Ugh.

3.  Harry Potter.  :-)  

Three group games that I could play over and over and over again:
1.  Human Foosball. You get a bunch of PVC pipes and line people up on them and play soccer. It is pretty fun.

2.  Ultimate Frisbee. I used to play that all the time in my singles ward days. When I'd get tired, I'd hang out near the end zone and cherry pick to get the goals .... and the glory! ;-)

3.  Capture the Flag.  There are two teams. Each has a designated territory that they are "safe" on. If they cross over the line, the other team can capture them and take them to "prison." The goal is to capture the opposing teams flag and get back to your own turf without getting caught or tagged. I remember playing this with my ward up in the mountains. I never knew my Bishop could run so fast or jump so high over sagebrush bushes! It was hilarious!

Three favorite summer time TV shows:
1. I'm not much of a summer tv watcher. I like the series that go on during the regular fall and spring times.

Three pictures:
My aunt and cousin came from Alaska to visit the first part of June. We went to their hotel and played in the pool. This was E's first time being in a pool.

P would not leave the stairs. He's not a fan of water but had fun splashing.

Silly boys playing with underwear on their heads. :-)

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