Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three for Thursday

Three favorite items of clothing
1.  Jeans
2.  Fitted t-shirts
3.  Tennis shoes.  Can you tell I'm a comfy gal and don't dress up much?! ;-)

Three things in my house that I wish were self-cleaning

1.  Bathroom!  Oh, I would totally love that!
2.  Kitchen.  I hate to do dishes with a passion. That would be nice.
3.  Kid bums. I'd love not to have to change diapers and or wipe bums!

Three favorite summertime lunches

1.  My mom makes a mean chicken salad that I just LOVE!
2.  She also makes another really yummy chicken salad with grapes and cashews. It is great!
3.  In the late summer, I love to have a tuna fish sandwich with corn on the cob and green beans sauteed with bacon. YUMMERS!

Three things my children say that they picked up from me

1.  Oh crap!  It doesn't bother me much but it bothers my mother-in-law. 
2.  Darn it!  Hey, at least it isn't a different word! :-)
3.  Did you sleep good?  I think I must ask that every morning because P always says that to E. :-)

Three good movie recommendations

1.  If you haven't watched The Lord of The Rings trilogy, YOU MUST! I think they are awesome!
2.  Tangled. Even in a house full of boys, we love it! :-)
3.  The Karate Kid with Jayden Smith. We LOVE it! Now, J and I really love the originals but I really like this one. We watch it A LOT.

Three inexpensive date night ideas

1.  Going to the temple. You can also have dinner in the cafeteria in the temple near me. It is a reasonable price and tastes good.
2.  Go for a scenic drive. J and I used to take lots of drives up into the mountains. We would always try and find a great view of the valley and watch the sunset over the reservoir. We haven't done that much since we had kids.
3.  Take a picnic to a park or even in the backyard and just talk.

Three favorite flowers
Lilacs.  LOVE the smell!

I even had them on our wedding cake!


Three places I'd like to visit

1.  Alaska. It is so pretty (at least from the pictures I've seen) and I have family there.
2.  I'd love to visit New Zealand. It looks gorgeous and J has an old mission companion who lives there. Besides that, The Lord of The Rings was filmed there!
3.  England. J served his mission there and I'd love to see his old stomping grounds.

Three good habits that I practice
1.  We have family prayers with the boys every night. I'm glad that we made that a habit from when P was just a tiny baby. 
2.  I had a bad habit of saying some swear words several years back and managed to stop. It is amazing how it can become a habit. So my good habit is not saying them! However, I am not perfect. One still slips out when I have anything scare me. :-/
3.  I make sure my kids are settle at the table with breakfast and dressed for the day before I hop on Facebook or blogs. Otherwise, they stay in jammies all day! ;-)

Three pictures

I think I'll share 3 of my favorite tv shows. Some have ended. :-(

Go on over to The House of Estrogen to play along!


Katy said...

Thanks for playing along! You're Laura's SIL, right? I think I met you at an ICAN meeting at the library a loooong time ago.

I love that you added pictures of the flowers. What a great idea! I may have to edit post and add, too.

Radel said...

Great list! Love the temple idea. :) and we just watched the new Karate Kid last night. funny!

Creating Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! You and I could be TV watching buddies! I am a closet Top Model fan. I have to watch it by myself because my husband can't stand it!

Do you go to the IF temple? I love their cafeteria. We are going home this summer and going there will be one of the highlights of my trip!